Love and Health

Love and Health

Love and Health go hand in hand. When you love or are in love, you feel whole. The word holistic comes from the word whole. And health and wealth come from similar origins as well. Love, Health and Abundance are both feelings as well as states of being. When you love yourself or someone else you want them to be as healthy for as long as possible so you can enjoy all the love they share with you. 


This blog is dedicated to both Love (pure, unconditional and even romantic) and Health, particularly from a holistic and natural perspective. When love and health are holistic, they are lasting and real. No one really likes fake anything, they want the best they can get and for the long term. So you'll discover things that can help enhance your state of health as well as your love life more enjoyable and fulfilling, while using the advances of technology to make your life easier, safer and more comfortable. Love and health are things you can actually achieve and feel on your daily journey.


health vs wealth


Holistic Health

Holistic Health is a state of complete balance, where you mind, body and spirit (Mind Body Spirit, our triune being) are in harmony, so you look and feel your absolute best. It is also sustainable for the long-term. When you look and feel your best you can help and inspire others to do the same. There are things that are considered holistic like prayer, meditation, yoga, practicing compassion, energy medicine, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicine and everyone's favorite – exercise and nutrition.


So it is something you should strive for and want to experience on your daily journey through life. I personally like using crystal healing stones to improve my own health and the energy wherever I am, including in my home and office. When you are feeling well and grounded in life you are ready to share your wholeness and love with another in an uplifting and genuine way.


Digital weight scale


Shapa Scale

The Shapa Scale (pictured above) is the best numberless weight loss scale by far! It is flexible and adjusts to your schedule and your goals. It alerts you if you forget to check and can even help you show your doctor or health professional how well you are doing and your blood pressure over time. It can add in A1C and other blood sugar results so you have your own health record on your phone, no guesswork!


If you care about your health, and want to keep yourself on target so you can reach your ideal weight then this Digital Weight Scale is exactly what you need. It tracks everything; blood pressure, heart rate, daily weight, calories, sleep habits so you have a big picture and fine tune your health and fitness goals so you actually reach your desired weight and fitness goals.


It even comes with an electronic blood pressure tester and cuff, that completely syncs with your Shapa Scale and Shapa phone app. It is so easy to use, just step on it and it starts tracking your weight right now, and shows your progress over time as well. It keeps you on your weight loss goals so you actually reach them. I use it combined with a healthy keto diet and simple walking and resistance training and I've transformed my body. People say I look a lot younger now, wish I would have known about this during the Covid pandemic! 


How do you show love


How to Show Love

How to Show Love is as individual as you are. You must be able to love yourself first, before you can truly love another. So self love is very important to your health and mental wellness as well as your partner's or loved ones. You don't really need to sacrifice as you should have things in common that lead you down the same or a similar life path. Love unfolds naturally when you are “in sync” or in harmony with each other's interests, passions and goals in life. Praying for love, meditating on love and even knowing the psychological types and how to relate through astrology can be priceless in finding and attracting love for the long-term.


Love is the most important thing in this world, as well as in what lies in store for you after you are finished with this physical experience. If you have any anxiety or challenge in finding or attracting love you can see this video that explains how to get on the vibration of the exact type of love relationship you're looking for – see: Attracting Love.


You can't take anything with you, except the love that you give to yourself and others. Demonstrating love, affection and appreciation for another leads to positive emotions and fulfillment. Since we're in a physical existence now, being healthy and guiding your loved ones to a state of optimum or holistic health is a win/win for you and your loved ones.


the gift of love


Gifts of Love

The best Gifts of Love are those that help another be healthier, including supporting them through tough mental or physical experiences. That's whey love and health are intimately related. Your presence is the greatest gift, and is why presents are called gifts. Even living in the now is called the present moment. The gift of life and of love, right here, right now.


You're about to discover gifts of love and health that can help transform your own life and quality of being, as well as those you love. So you will find helpful health tips as well as gifts of health and gifts of love that you can share with those you love. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of health and love today!



Eco Friendly Bags

When you love others, you love yourself too. Giving a gift you can feel good about, like an eco friendly and sustainable vegan leather bagss will show how much you care, in more ways than one. There are various styles, shapes, sizes, colors and functions so you can have fun wherever you are in style.


Keep yourself safe and organized and not worry about losing things or breaking your phone, with a protective eco friendly phone case bag or one to store your important cards, cash and even jewelry. They keep it all safe and protected while you look great with the latest styles and fashions!


crystal healing


Rose Quartz

Do you want more positive and loving energy in your home and your life? The Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. It can be worn as protective beautiful jewelry or to enhance the energy of your home. The Rose Quartz Tree, (pictured above) helps protect your heart center (the most vulnerable in most people.)


It also is well known and used to boost feelings of love and even attract love into your life. It is a soothing crystal and can be used in tense situations or areas where peace is needed. It not only looks great but raises your personal vibration as well as wherever it is placed. People will notice it and feel calm and relaxed around you.