Digital Weight Scale

Digital Weight Scale

If you care about your health, and want to keep yourself on target so you can reach your ideal weight then this Digital Weight Scale is exactly what you need. It tracks everything; blood pressure, heart rate, daily weight, calories, sleep habits so you have a big picture and fine tune your health and fitness goals so you actually reach your desired weight and fitness goals.


It even comes with an electronic blood pressure tester and cuff, that completely syncs with your Shapa Scale and Shapa phone app. It is so easy to use, just step on it and it starts tracking your weight right now, and shows your progress over time as well. It keeps you on your weight loss goals so you actually reach them. I use it combined with a healthy keto diet and simple walking and resistance training and I've transformed my body. People say I look a lot younger now, wish I would have known about this during the Covid pandemic! 


fat loss goals

Weight Loss Goals

With Shapa Digital Weight Scale you are always on track and working towards being your best you. You will be amazed at what personal accountability does to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. It gives you many tips and professional suggestions to keep you moving towards your daily goal so you reach your ultimate goal of a healthy and fit body. If you are in a hurry to lose weight then also make sure you keep your fat burning hormones elevated and fat storage hormones turned off. Exipure can help you with this.


Fortunately it comes with an iPhone or Android (Samsung) cell phone app that tracks everything so you know where you are at, at any time. You can tweak it when you have specific goals like a reunion, wedding, photo shoot or other family or professional adventure. The Shapa scale will guide you by the hand so you reach your goal with flying colors.


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Body Weight Phone App

Your Shapa Digital Weight Loss Scale has a built in Body Weight Phone App. Shapa connects via Bluetooth to the app. Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone. All you need to do is open your app and step on the scale. The Shapa Scale will connect with the app and alert you that you are successful. It gives you color coded screens to show you if you are on target, or need to add some additional steps to meet your daily goals.


It also gives you a health assessment so it knows where you are starting from and your desired goals. Once it knows that, it can professionally guide you to achieve your fat loss goals. It is one of the easiest way to track your weight in a way that no one else can see (it is a numberless scale, and only shows up on your phone) so no one else will see your weight unless you want them to. I love the privacy it gives me, and you will too. 


Digital weight scale


Shapa Scale

The Shapa Scale is the best numberless digital weight loss scale by far! It is flexible and adjusts to your schedule and your goals. It alerts you if you forget to check and can even help you show your doctor or health professional how well you are doing and your blood pressure over time. It can add in A1C and other blood sugar results so you have your own health record on your phone, no guesswork!


Use the best herbs for weight loss and supercharge your weight loss and fitness goals like a champ. Just check out the results of people who are losing weight by using the Shapa scale (testimonials are shown below and many more on the product page.) 


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Shapa Testimonials

You will finally lose weight using your Shapa Scale. It is the easiest way to lose weight and keep you accountable to yourself and share your results if you want to. I use it to keep my doctor honest if they show different blood pressures (or try to get you hooked on harmful blood pressure medicines.) You can avoid that whole mess and take your health into your own hands where it belongs. You know best! For more information or to see complete Shapa testimonials and FAQ's visit Shapa Reviews right now! 

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