Crystal Healing Stones

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Crystal Healing Stones

People have used Crystal Healing Stones (like the exact crystal healing stones kit pictured above) for millennia. Crystal healing stones are natural healing stones that have amazing properties on the human energy field (and animals too.) Crystal healing stones use the right type of crystals and gemstones for your individual need or situation. It can help calm your nerves (anti anxiety crystal healing stones) help expedite natural healing energy so you heal faster and/or without chemical medicines.


There are many types of crystals for healing that can be used for specific dis-ease or to raise energy on a body part or organ. You can also use crystals for chakras (your body's natural energy centers) that balance a whole area of interest and bring optimal health (physical and mental health.)


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Types of Crystals

There are many Types of Crystals for Healing, Positive Energy, Abundance, Spiritual Connection and even to help attract the love of your life. These healing crystals not only look good but they affect how you look and feel, and even how others see you. I love wearing my crystals for healing (I love amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, lapiz lazuli, turquoise and black obsidian in particular.


These healing crystals really help you feel whole and balanced. They can be used for home protection, spiritual protection, to heal an area in your home or office as well as healing crystal jewelry.


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Chakra Healing Stones

Crystals for Healing and balancing your energy body (or Chakra Healing Stones) can be natural (untumbled or raw gemstones) or polished into beautiful crystal healing stones for any purpose. One popular use is to place on your chakra or meridian points  that balance energy in your human energy body (that people can learn to see and detect for themselves with training.) I prefer the tumbled stones to wear and the raw ones in larger sizes to enhance the energy of a room or work space.


Crystal healing stones can be used as they were discovered as a natural crystal formation, as beautiful and functional jewelry as well as crystal sets that address a particular need in your life. You can get crystal healing stones as pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even rings. They can be matched to the type of energy you need or want to attract.

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Wearing Crystal Healing Stones on or close to your body or your body's energy centers can have a profound affect on your mental and emotional level. It really does have a noticeable effect. It even affects those around you in a positive and healing way. I highly recommend you choose the one that calls out to you.


They can be matched to your birthstone or month. They look so amazing and I get so many compliments on the crystal healing stones that I wear regularly. You can find the best looking and set crystal jewelry (like the amethyst opal crystal healing stones ring in pure silver, pictured above at Affordable Fine Crystal Jewelry.

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Crystals for Anxiety

If you feel stressed out you can use natural Quartz Crystals for Anxiety. Amethyst is my favorite crystal for anxiety relief and stress relief. It has a natural calming energy that soothes an anxious heart and anxious thoughts. It naturally calms the feelings of stress, It can be used like Natural Remedies for Anxiety relief.


Rose quartz is one of the very best quartz crystals for social anxiety or relationships, particularly romantic relationships. Howlite, Sodalite and Labrodite, are other great crystals for anxiety. Use any of the crystals that calls out to you, your own spiritual  intelligence and divine wisdom will guide you to what you need at the moment. 


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Positive Energy Crystals

Positive Energy Crystals help raise the energy around you. Citrine is a great crystal for energy (like the Citrine Tree, pictured above.) Energy crystals raise the vibration of you and the area where they are placed. They help anyone who sees them as well. All bright colored quartz crystals for healing can be used to raise your own energy field as well as anyone who is around you.


Keeping yourself and your energy positive can lead to better health and performance. It can lead to a calm and focused mind too. Use the best healing crystals and stones that catch your eye and feel harmonious with your energy field. If you want specific stones for 5G, EMF, WiFi and electronic sensitivity see: EMF Protection Crystals


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Crystals for Protection

Your Crystals for Protection (like the Rose Quartz Tree, pictured above) helps protect your heart center (the most vulnerable in most people.) It also is well known and used to boost feelings of love and even attract love into your life. It is a soothing crystal and can be used in tense situations or areas where peace is needed.


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Crystals for Health

Here is a list of the best Crystals for Health:

  • Clear Quartz Crystals are the #1 crystal for healing because it has the energy of all other crystals in one. It is the most powerful and can be focused for specific areas of dis-ease or protection for your whole body or home.
  • Rose Quartz is the best healing stone for your heart and to attract love and harmony on your body and in your home and workspace. It has one of the highest energies of all healing stones.
  • Amethyst is a natural stress relief crystal that can help you dream better as well.
  • Citrine is a positive energy crystal that helps boost abundance, prosperity and thoughts of gratitude in your life.
  • Black Obsidian is great for protection against negative energy or if you feel someone has “hexxed” you or if you sense negative spiritual energy in an area of your home or office.
  • Jade is a crystal of wealth and status. It is used in Asian cultures as a healing stone of wealth. It is a beautiful healing crystal as well.
  • Carnelian is another positive energy crystal that boost your energy levels. It helps you have more positive thoughts and emotions.

For the complete list of crystals for healing, protection, abundance and spiritual growth visit Conscious Crystals or for Healing Crystal Stones to be used as Jewelry visit Perry's Crystal Jewelry.

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