Vegan Leather Bags

sustainable bags

Vegan Leather Bags

If you care about our environment and your impact on it, then you will absolutely love the Vegan Leather Bags that Pixie Mood makes. They come in the latest styles, shapes, sizes, uses and are all highly eco friendly and sustainably made. So not only will you look classy but will be helping the environment and animals will thank you for sparing them for your purses and bags.


These are the most current fashion style bags and accessories and you will find one for your every need. From backpacks to money pouches, you will find one that matches your individual tastes and style, Mind body and spirit.


sustainable bags

Eco Friendly Bags

Pixie Mood makes sustainable and eco friendly bags in all shapes, sizes, colors and functions. So whatever your need you can rest assured that they have you covered in style and comfort. The Pixie Mood Tote Bag (pictured above) comes in various colors and gives you plenty of room to keep your most cherished belongings with you when you need to go out. ,


vegan leather bags

Money Purse

If you need a place to keep your money (bills and change) as well as jewelry and even a phone, then the Pixie Mood Clutch Bag is just what you need. There are various styles, colors and inner pouches with zippers available so you never lose anything and keep it organized and at your side. They look as good as they work too. They are eco friendly vegan leather bags that come in smaller sizes.


large purses


Bucket Bags

Want the perfect sized bucket bag? Well this is one of the best eco friendly and sustainable Bucket Bags you will find. The Pixie Mood Sustainable Bucket Bag is great sized to fit your body and carry all the things you need in style. These vegan leather bags are durable and look great! 

convertible bag


Phone Bag

Protect your phone and important cards with this cute and stylish Convertible Phone Bag, pictured above.) It is a sustainably produced bag that looks as good as it performs. Keeps your phone and accessories safe wherever you are. These vegan leather bags are available in color variations too. I highly recommend you get an Otto Phone Case for your phone as they are the most stylish and durable you can get. 

Eco Friendly backpack



Want to have a day of fun and be able to take everything you need with you? You're in luck with the Pixie Mood portable, lightweight and durable Eco Friendly Sustainable Backpack, pictured above.) It is a sustainably produced bag that looks as good as it performs. Keeps your important things with you wherever you are. Available in color variations too.


To see the entire line of quality eco-friendly and sustainable vegan leather bags, purses, and accessories just visit Pixie Mood Eco Sustainable Bags today! 

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