Back and Neck Massage Mat

back neck massager

Back and Neck Massage Mat

Give the gift of soothing relaxation and pain relief! The Memory Foam Full Body Massage Mat with Heat is so comfortable with neck and back heat as well as different massage (vibration) programs that give you gentle or deep back and neck healing relief. The Snailax Back and Neck Massage Mat (shown above) can be placed on the floor, on your bed or even on a recliner.


You can use your back and neck massage mat for weight loss too. Total body vibration is thermogenic (causes heat that leads to weight loss.) Particularly when used with the heat settings on your neck and back. You will feel so relaxed after you use it for 20-30 minutes.  

back and neck vibration

Vibration Massage Mat

The Snailax back and neck massage mat is a vibration massager with heat. It uses fully selectable vibration patterns for relaxation, healing and increased circulation. It is really helpful for arthritis of the back or injury to your back or neck. It feels really good and turns off automatically. This is really good as it is very relaxing and you can fall asleep quickly while using it. It helps my neck and back relax and I feel refreshed afterward.


This back and neck massage mat does not use kneading like a typical massager but vibration which helps align your vertebrae into their natural position. It also helps relieve pain and tension in your neck, back and whole body. You can use it in almost any position and get the health and healing benefits of a vibration back and neck massage mat with heat!

vibration mat with heat

Back and Neck Heating Pad

The Snailax back and neck massage mat is a full back and neck heating pad too. You can use it without heat or with heat. I prefer it with heat as it increases the healing and relaxation effect of the vibration massage. It has different areas that can be massaged with or without heat and varying levels of vibration intensity. I like the first setting (the default massage setting) as it leaves me feeling totally relaxed head to toe. It is fully guaranteed so you can feel it for yourself. For more information see: Snailax Back and Neck Massage Mat.

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