Lepower LED remote control Floor Lamp

lepower remote controlled floor lamp

Lepower LED remote control Floor Lamp

Natural lighting is not only easy on your eyes, it is the most beneficial for your health and vision too. Using the  Lepower LED remote control Floor Lamp (like the best wireless control full spectrum dimming natural light lamp with night mode, pictured above) is the best lamp for children, adults, seniors and those that need ease of use with a remote and wireless light switch.


The Lepower LED remote control Floor Lamp has variable natural light brightness and dimness modes that are so easy to change with a handheld remote or an stick anywhere wall switch panel. I absolutely love this natural light lamp and am putting them in every room, that's how good they are!


2400 lumens lamp


Full Spectrum Lamp

The Lepower LED remote control Floor Lamp id a Full Spectrum Lamp is like having natural daylight in your living space but that is easy on your eyes. It is made for daylight (at various levels) and also a night mode (which is the softest on your eyes) so you can prepare for a good night's sleep. It can help with depression and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) because the quality of light affects your mental state and mood or emotional state.


Using this natural light lamp is so easy to use and be very helpful for people with disabilities too because all they have to do is touch a remote or a wall switch where they can put anywhere so they can have instant light when they need it. You will want this light in every room because of the quality of light and how great it looks. It is the best floor lamp I've ever used hands down!


high lumen lamp


Best Adjustable Floor Lamp

This Lepower LED remote control Floor Lamp is the Best Adjustable Floor Lamp and comes with an easy to use Remote Control. You can easily control your new floor lamp without leaving the cozy comfort of your sofa or warm bed. Besides, this living room lamp (great for offices too) comes with a wireless wall switch so you can turn it on/off easily at the door entrance or on your headboard.


There are also adjustable touch buttons on the front of the lamp pole. This highly adjustable floor lamp (swivels to many angles) and offers 10 brightness levels (10%-100%) and 5 color temperatures (3000k-5000k) to you to freely customize the lighting mode. And when you turn your lamp on again, your dimmable floor lamp will return to the last setting, no need to adjust it again, as it remembers so you don't have to.


natural light lamp


Remote Controlled Floor Lamp

This super bright Lepower LED remote control Floor Lamp is different has it own wall switch (for turning it easily on and off) and is a super easy to use Remote Controlled Floor Lamp. It is different from other torchiere floor lamps that can only be illuminated on one side of the lamp (usually on top only), this dual-sided lighting design makes the light more evenly distributed, and 2400LM will be enough to light up your living room, bedroom or office space.


Furthermore, the frosted lampshades of this tall pole floor lamp soften the light to achieve a better glare-free lighting effect (great around computers and readable devices.) With just one click, this standing lamp will turn into night light mode, emitting a warm light of 3000K and 200LM brightness. The soft glow accompanies you to sleep comfortably and is a reassuring sleeping companion. They also have many other types of lamps, including security lamps and different styles of lighting with the same high quality full bright and dimmable lighting.


best remote controlled lamp


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